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21 December 2012 @ 11:11 am
Hi! I think it's about time for a sticky post time, because I like shit to be organized.

Who are you?
I used to be iamiamamachine, and (even more back in the day) x_seance. I hung out in bandom - as a reader, mostly - back in '07/'08. My main fandoms used to be Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance and The Cab, I think. I miss the fic world, so I came back.

What's your friending policy like?
Please, do feel free to friend me. If you'd like to increase the chances of me adding you back, you could leave a little reply to this post to let me know who you are/where you found me/why you are adding me. I don't automatically friend back but if you've got some interesting shit going on on your Journal, I probably will.
A word of warning: I'm a chatterbox and I also tend to reply on a lot of entries, so if you're not down with that, well, don't friend me, or just let me know.

Do you friends-lock shit?
Nothing is friends-locked so far. I might friends-lock shit in the foreseeable future - I'm not sure yet. I'm just getting back into the game, I'm rusty, and friendless, and I feel completely out of depth in the bandom world at the moment. All I know is that I was missing it, and that I wanted to be part of it again, even if only on the sidelines. (I know, I know, I'm totally like high school Gerard right now.)

Anything else we need to know?
I like caps lock. And exclamation points. I like to pretend I've got it all together but I still get all hearts-eyed and flaily from time to time. I am currently very into MCR. Frank is possibly my favorite person of all time. In fic at least. Sorry, Frank. You make an excellent fictional character.
What else... I'm a total carnivore. I don't really enjoy long walks on the beach because I don't like the sand - it gets everywhere! - but I do like, eh, dogs. I tend to swear quite a lot. To me, 'shit' is synonymous with 'things' and 'fucking' with 'really'. I'm sorry if that bothers you. I'm pretty cynical, too, but I like to think it's pretty obvious when I'm being sincere (the sentence preceding this one, for example, was sincere).

You didn't answer my burning question.
Message me, email me, leave a comment here... the possibilities are endless. I'll keep editing this post, too.

See you around!

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I have nothing to say for myself. I ended up not joining bandombigbang; in fact, I have no idea how it's doing at all. Is it finished yet? Are the fics up yet? I should probably go check that out the next time I get terribly bored.

I wish I had something new to show you guys. I've shifted my focus to writing that doesn't feature real life people fucking each other. I know. Apparently there's this whole world out there that doesn't write or read band slash. Who knew?
The 10.000 word work-in-progress I mentioned in my last post is currently 21.739 words. The last time I had that file open (excluding now, obviously) was in July, apparently, but I'm afraid I haven't really worked on it in a few months. It'd be a shame to let 20.000 words go to waste, though. I'll try to get back on track, and if not, well, it'll have to be posted as it is. 20.000 is totally an acceptable fic length, isn't it?

I've roamed around my Writing folder and found a file entitled HAUNTINGS AND SHIT., which is a very inaccurate and misleading name (except for the shit part) because it doesn't really include any hauntings. Here, have all of that, and help me decide whether or not to give it a shot if you so please. I have a huge outline for this lying around so if you wanted me to give it a shot, I could.

Wow, I sound so damn animated. It's okay, I have coffee. I'll be bubbly afterwards.

(I'm just copy-pasting this from a file I haven't seen in months, and probably not proofread ever, so bear with me here, yeah? Edit okay, I'm reading it now and this is the shittiest plot ever. Don't laugh too hard, I will not be held accountable for strained muscles.)

This place is such a fucking shitholeCollapse )

C'est tout. Let me know what you think.

Lastly, I found a Panic! draft in my Writing folder but I don't know if any of you guys like Panic!. Do you like Panic!? (Wow, I'm starting to understand why they dropped the exclamation point for a while. It's wildly inconvenient.) If so, can you tell me WHY THERE IS SO LITTLE DALLON FIC? I need Dallon fic in my life.

...fuck, I've forgotten my own tag system.
I realized it's been far too long since I posted here. Real life is a demanding bitch at the moment. I think it's only fair to let you guys know that I tend to go through periods of posting a lot and being really active, but after a while everything kind of wanes because I run out of time and/or inspiration. Then I usually reach a point where I go "fuck it" and delete my account, and after an extended period of time - usually a couple of months - I return, cap in hand, sheepish smile on my face. This is a recurring theme in my internet life and I've been trying to break the habit.

That being said, this post is somewhat of a PSA in the sense that I need to tell you guys I won't have a lot of time to write these next few months, unless inspiration hits me hard in a way that I won't be able to resist. I do have a couple of works in progress at the moment, one of which is 10.000 words and counting. I'm considering signing up for bandombigbang with that one, but I'm terrible with commitments. Can someone please force me to do so, though? I'd love to be part of it once, and I've got a really clear idea of what's yet to happen in this fic.

I don't have anything to post for you guys, but I do have a couple of recs! Once again they're of the kind "everyone and their mom has already read this", but hey.

Some of my favorite fics everCollapse )
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06 January 2011 @ 01:47 pm
They'll Never Hurt You Like I Do, Frank/Gerard (~4.000 words)
Frank and Gerard have kind of a fucked-up dynamic. Gerard twisted him around and took hold of Frank's shoulders, pushing him back against the wall. Stage Gerard hadn't faded yet; Frank could see it in his eyes, that frantic, eerie mixture of defiance and immense confidence. (Featuring kind-of-an-asshole!Gerard, lots of rough sex, mild emotional fucked-upness, and even more swearing. Title by Something Corporate.)

They"ll Never Hurt You Like I DoCollapse )

Author's notes
This started out as PWP and grew into so much more. Also, I think I've got some sort of affinity for lengthy titles. Feedback is appreciated. Also, I won't be posting for +- 3 weeks after this because I won't have a lot of internet access but I'll return with slashy goodies, promise.
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Today is not that day.

Gerard pulled back from the kiss and Frank was about to whimper in protest when he felt Gerard's teeth on his bottom lip, biting down, pulling slightly. Frank was whimpering now. He couldn't help it. It was too much – he was feeling too much, lust and adrenalin and exhaustion all whirling around inside of him, everywhere, down to his fucking toes, and Gerard flattened out against him, sending his nerve cells into overdrive. It was too much and he had to let off some steam somehow.

"Frankie," Gerard murmured against Frank's mouth. "Frankie," and Frank couldn't stop himself anymore, he had to touch. He shoved both his hands into Gerard's hair and pulled his head closer. Their teeth clicked together, and the back of Frank's head clanged against the wall again. The spots dancing across his vision were brightly colored this time. He wasn't aware he was making any noise until Gerard's mouth slipped up his jaw line, pressing wet, open-mouthed kisses everywhere, and the noise he was making stretched into a high-pitched whine. He felt Gerard grin against the side of his face, and then-

The title of this Word document is 'pwp fuck yeah'. Fuck yeah.
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You and Your High-Top Sneakers and Your Sailor Tattoos, Frank/Gerard (~9.400 words)
High school AU, continuation of this. Gerard knew his little brother was far from stupid, but he was still dumbfounded when one Sunday night, after he'd brought Frank home, Mikey appeared in the hallway and said, "You and Frank are fucking, aren't you." It wasn't exactly a question. In which Frank and Gerard go on their first date, have sex for the first time, have their first fight, etc. Thank you softsirens for proofreading this - you are the best.

You and Your High-Top Sneakers and Your Sailor TattoosCollapse )

Author's notes
Took me long enough! I consider this a continuation of, rather than a sequel to, the first part because it kind of picks up directly where that left off. Let's just say this keeps open the possibility of a Gee-in-college sequel. As always, feedback/concrit is much appreciated! Also, feel free to friend me to keep up with recs/snippets/bunnies/etc.
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01 January 2011 @ 03:44 pm
2011 and I got off to a good start. I spent this morning in bed reading Everyday Mysteries in Summertime by wax_jism, which was all kinds of wonderful. I'm now working through its more-or-less sequel, Nightswimming. (Comments go here.)

I am aware of the fact that everyone and their mother has already read Nightswimming, and possibly - probably? - its prequel as well. I know that I've seen it around for years now, and I have no idea why I never got around to reading either. They're hilarious and wonderful. I think characterization (especially of Gee) and setting are the strongest points of these stories. They're so well-crafted that I'm kind of craving a hangover, or at the very least a cigarette and shitloads of caffeine, right now. That's some powerful writing right there. So if you're like me and suck at life haven't read these fics yet, go brew yourself some coffee, grab a pack of smokes, and make yourself comfortable.

Happy new year, everyone!
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anarchistanthem says:
is it okay if i make their first time really really ridiculously awkward?
danger_skies says:
anarchistanthem says:
and like have them fighting and stuff?
and then frank gets angry and crosses his arms and gerard is like IT'S NO FUN THIS WAY and frank is like YEAH WELL YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME and.
danger_skies says:
butbutbut not BAD fighting?
anarchistanthem says:
half-joking fighting.
but still fighting.
because it's all awkward and frank is a little nervous and he shoots back into his NNNRGGHGHH REBELLION! ARSON! shell and gerard is like BUT IT'S REALLY GOOD, HERE, LET ME SHOW YOU-

Also, here, have a snippet:

You and Frank are fucking, aren"t you.Collapse )
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31 December 2010 @ 01:38 pm
So I have this friend who happens the best person ever, and she's going through a rough time, and I figured: what better to cheer her up with than a picspam? Right, of course, an MCR picspam. I relied heavily on ontd's MCR tag for this.

Image and .gif-heavy!Collapse )


music: my chemical romance - heaven help us
You and Your High-Top Sneakers and Your Sailor Tattoos, Frank/Gerard (~4.700 words)
High school AU. Frank seemed not to like Gerard at all, which made Gerard feel slightly uncomfortable even though he wasn't sure if Frank liked anything at all. (Featuring Gerard as the social outcast, Frank as the rebellious punk who hates everyone, lots of swearing, and a tipsy make-out session in a graveyard.) Title by The Gaslight Anthem.

You and Your High-Top Sneakers and Your Sailor TattoosCollapse )

Author's Notes
Inspiration appears to be on my side. I'm basking gleefully in this unknown but totally amazing sensation. (As always, specific feedback/concrit is much appreciated!)
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24 December 2010 @ 09:29 pm
Now Does Our World Descend, Frank/Gerard (~10.000 words)
Gerard was the one creating a nice life for himself after My Chemical Romance, getting back to his art roots, with a clean slate and a nice house and a dog and all. Gerard and Frank break up, the band go on hiatus, and Gerard's got it all figured out – or does he? (Featuring angst, cuddling, lots of swearing, sick!Frank, and references to E.E. Cummings.)

now does our world descend
the path to nothingness
(cruel now cancels kind;
friends turn to enemies)
therefore lament,my dream
and don a doer's doom

- e.e. cummings

Now Does Our World DescendCollapse )

Author's notes
It's good to be back! I'm a little rusty, so if you've got any feedback - too much swearing? Clichéd? Sucky characterization? Typos? Odd phrases? - please let me know, it is always much appreciated.